How to bake perfect Spelt Bread

with our simple and tasty recipe!
Ingredients: -12dl Wholemeal Spelt Flour -6dl Graham Flour -4dl Rye Flour -3dl Rolled Oats -8tsp Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) -2tsp Salt -2 liters Fil Milk -1dl Golden Syrup Cooking Time & Temperature: 95 minutes – 180˚C Let’s go! 1. Mix all the dry ingredients with a spatula 2. Add the Fil Milk and Syrup 3. […]

5 years later

Starting a coffee place without any experience
Et voilà! September 2013-September 2018 It’s been 5 years since I took over Café Madame Blå. I just turned 30 when I decided to put all my money in to buy that coffee place lost in the Swedish countryside… To be honest, that made me feel scared but also terribly excited at the same time… […]